Renovations – Christmas 2016 Update

It's hard to believe we are almost six months into our renovation! As you can see, the building is now framed and work is progressing inside. The interior walls have been framed, which enables us to get a real visual of what our space will look and feel like. I was overwhelmed at the size of the upper and lower floors. Yes, I cried!! 

Our builder, Niels Konge, provided us with an additional 800 square feet of space ( this was a surprise!) on the lower level, which will be utilized as a Barre/small group personal training studio. 

Selections are being made for flooring, washroom countertops, fixtures of all sorts and furniture. The order has been placed for our Olympic Lifting platform for the new weight room and our 10 man salt water hot tub from Arctic spas is set to be delivered! Deck design is in the works and the look for the exterior of the building is in it's final stages. 

Spray foam insulation is being completed, along with work on the roof. Electrical and mechanical come next. Windows will go in and dry walling will commence. 

Thank you to all of the talented people who are working so hard to bring my dream to life. Specifically, Niels Konge and his crew, Vince Barter our architect, Kelsey MacDougall, our designer and Bryan from J & R Mechanical. A huge shout out to RC Management for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. Finally, thank you, our Members for your encouragement, never ending support and belief in RC 2.0. 

Merry Christmas everyone!